CBG South is an outsourced sales agency for numerous national manufacturers selling architectural specialty products, which are primarily used in commercial installations and are typically part of the building’s exterior, facade, and/or roof structure. 

We have exclusive representation contracts with industry leading manufacturers - which means that for a given product type we represent one manufacturer ~ exclusively. This allows us to dedicate ourselves as product experts to confidently answer your questions and guide you through your purchase.


We pride ourselves on quality service, and our ability to inform our customers about product selection and potential application issues to insure that you get the right product for your application and budget. We don’t just place your order - we follow through so that your submittal and fabrication process goes smoothly.

We also work extensively with architects and engineers to insure that they have all the information they need to incorporate our best products into their overall designs.

CBG South works within defined sales territories, ranging from New York/New Jersey, to the entire state of Maryland, Washington DC and northern Virginia depending on the clients we represent. 

We have been selling in the commercial construction markets since the mid 1950’s.